Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan

Sculptures. Iced Coffee to go

In homage to Déjeuner en fourrure (Breakfast in Fur) by surrealist Meret Oppenheim, which shows a fur-covered cup with saucer and spoon.
Here is the application of the 1936 work of art to our current fast-paced times: coffee to go is booming, and it did even before COVID. The coziness and warmth in Oppenheim’s work gives way to coldness.
The shimmering bluish glass shards are reminiscent of ice. Oppenheim’s protective coat is transformed into its opposite by shards of glass. Instead of protection and warmth, vulnerability and coldness are symbolized.

Homage to Meret Oppenheim


Materials: Glassplitter

Dimensions: 16 x 20 x 20 cm

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