Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan

Emilienpark Grenzach-Wyhlen. PATH-OF-LIFE FOUNTAIN


Where we come from – where we are going

The proximity of the senior citizens’ residence to the children’s playground lead to the idea of the path of life showing various stages from birth to old age.
 The Path of Life is enframed by two water gates: The gate of creation shows the entrance into our earthly life while the water gate at the end symbolizes the transition to life after death: For believing Christians, these are the gates of heaven.
 (People who have been clinically dead for a short time and who have been resuscitated often tell about a tunnel and a light through which they pass: 
The water gates with their water jets of water symbolize these rays of light.)
 In the area of the playground, the water springs forth form the gate of creation and becomes the source of life. 
In their respective life situation, the figures are repeatedly touched by the source of life in the form of water. Children can start the water flow by means of a footswitch – so a decision is necessary if you want to be touched by the source of life, symbolized here by water.

Life’s paths rarely run in a straight line and often bring unexpected twists and turns, resulting in the shape of a winding path.
 The fountain begins in the children’s playground and ends on the terrace of the retirement home (with the Gate of Heaven), connecting young and old. On hot summer days, children enjoy the fresh water and run through the gate of creation joyfully cheering.


Where we come from – where we are going

(Fountain with 7 stages of life,
 the gate of creation and the gate of heaven as water gates)
 Emilienpark in Grenzach-Wyhlen,
Inaugurated 2010

Commissioned by: town of Grenzach-Wyhlen

Materials: stainless steel (figures and water gates)

Dimensions: 15 m x 20 m, height is about 2,70 m

1st prize at the fountain competition

This is where generations meet (Hier treffen sich die Generationen)
 Badische Zeitung dated 11. 05. 2010

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Transitions to other dimensions (Übergänge in andere Dimensionen)
 Oberbadisches Volksblatt dated 11. 05. 2010


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