Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan

Roundabout Eimeldingen. Duck portal

While the ducks have long flown away from actual Im Entenschwumm area (which translates loosely to “where ducks swim”) the name and the water (creek and raised ground water levels) have remained.
The duck portal represents this moment of flying away – ducks starting out of the water.
(And ducks can do so vertically!)
Coming from Binzen, the roundabout marks the beginning of Eimeldingen; so it is the entrance, the gate leading into the village.
In Renaissance, e,g., a portal was the main entrance of a representative building. Here, the duck sculpture forms the main entrance to the village of Eimeldingen.
The wings of two ducks form this portal clearing the view into Eimeldingen. The portal is aligned with our main traffic axis, the B3 Federal Highway. Looking the other way, the portal reveals the picture-perfect view of Ötlingen.
These ducks, which can be seen from afar, also have the desired stopping effect on the Federal Highway. And from a traffic-safety perspective there is another advantage in the clear view through the portal: one can overlook the entire traffic situation.
The prospering municipality of Eimeldingen is symbolized, in a profounder sense, by the ducks starting and “heading to new shores”.


Location: Eimeldingen

Inaugurated 2007

1st prize at the fountain competition

Commissioned by: municipality of Eimeldingen

Materials: Steel

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 m
Weight: 10 tons (each duck 2,5 t)

There is also a video about this work. Video
To the duck portal there is also a model (Skulptures)

Badische Zeitung, August 2007
Das Entenportal ist eingeweiht
Download PDF

Badische Zeitung, Juli 2008
Ein Entenei beim Entenkreisel

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