Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan

Fürth. UNDERGROUND Station

Far below the surface of the earth, you have a total panoramic view of the city from above.
The 60 x 5 meter screen print was composed of 22 photographs taken from the top of the city hall tower and defamiliarised. Houses become structures, road tracts become dynamic diagonals. Colourful “dancing” rectangles emphasize distinctive buildings. The moment captured will draw awareness to the continuous change of the city over the years.
The text strip running continuously through the picture is reminiscent of a railing over which on looks down.
 The “dancing” rectangles are reprised in the light objects in the Rathaus staircases.
 Pictures guide the way facilitating orientation in the circulation areas and to help find the right exits.
The Rathaus” underground station in was built in mining technique, i.e. two tunnels were drilled and became the two tubes for either direction of travelling. These tubes were connected by crosscuts in which display panels showed information on the history of Fürth.

Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan won the contest for the design of the Rathaus Fürth underground station, which was conducted at Georg -Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg, in the department of design. The elaboration and implementation was conducted with the supervising professors Ethelbert Hörmann and Ortwin Michl. The user-friendly design of the underground station was based on a study conducted by the department of social studies, which had analysed the perception of different groups of people in the existing stations. Then the artist developed the design that counteracts the often perceived feeling of constriction, suggest the notion of space and facilitates orientation.


Fürth, Inaugurated 1998

Commissioned by: town of Fürth

Order scope:  Two murals of 60 m x 5 m each, Design of circulating areas, staircases, lighting, guidance system and display boards

Materials: , screen printing on ceramic steel, stainless steel, shotcrete, granite

1st prize in the competition of the town Fürth for designing the “Rathaus” underground station .

PRESS Release about the RATHAUS subway station

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