Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan

Community hall Foyer Binzen. Moments

In the foyer of the Binzen community hall, visitors are greeted by figurative motifs that show the whole diversity of Binzen’s community life in the hall. Over a long period of time, Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan accompanied sporting and social events in the community hall and captured these MOMENTS photographically. The figures developed from this were lasered out of the steel. The squares on the left show the children’s delight in games of movement: Bouncy ball, playing catch, hula hoop, and volleyball. The squares above the hall entrance show the social occasions. The tuba player and the choir symbolize the musical performances, while the group of three toasting each other stands for the New Year’s reception. Finally, the Häx vo Binze (witch of Binzen) stands for the carnival events held there. On the right side, the squares symbolize the activities of the sports clubs: taekwondo, gymwheel, balance beam and women’s fitness gymnastics complete this overview.


Series of 12 squares 
Foyer pf the Binzen (D) community hall, inaugurated in 2012

Commissioned by: Municipality of Binzen

Materials: Varnished steel 

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Wall decoration for the foyer of Binzen’s hall 

Badische Zeitung vom 08.10.2011


Badische Zeitung vom 15.01.2012

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