• “Prayers from around the world” – Installation, Basel, Switzerland 2012

  • “Rathaus subway station”, Fürth, Germany, 1997

  • Light sculpture “FACE-BOOK – The transparency of man“ 2012

  • “AURA“, Brass and wood, 2016

  • Traffic roundabout “Duck portal”, Eimeldingen, Germany 2007

  • “In good hands”, stainless steel, 2009

Upcoming exhibitions

ARTROOMS LONDON (20.–22.1.2018) (Link)
The Meliá White House, Albany St, Regent’s Park, London

ARTROOMS ROMA (02.–04.03.2018) (Link)
The Church Palace, Via Aurelia – 481, Roma, Italy

KITZ-ART (23.–25.03.2018)
Museum St. Johann in Tirol, Austria

KITZ-ART (01.–31.12.2018)
Kitz-Art Gallery, Kitzbühel, Austria


In December 2017, the new building of Sparkasse Willstätt was opened. On behalf of the planning office of Thomas Wunderle, Tanja Bürgelin-Arslan had designed the glass walls using regional motifs.
This is already the 12th bank that features her glass wall design.

Photo: Udo Künster